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For any enquiries, please email admin@bistrojacques.co.uk or call 01743 455240 to make a booking or 01743 272586 for inquiries and large parties

To make telephone bookings for up to 6 people at any time of day, please call 01743 455240 and our automated booking system will guide you through making a booking.

Please use the below form to make an online booking for up to 6 people.

We do cater to larger parties also, for this you will need to call us on our inquiries phone line which is 01743 272586

Burger Mondays!

Enjoy one of our Burgers or Vegetarian Burgers

And a Pint of Becks or Small Glass of Wine

10.00 pp

Tuesday night Wine & Dine

2 Courses from our A la Carte menu

Your choice from 3 different bottles of wine

24.95 pp

Every Tuesday